Magical and Mystical Ireland by Rozalia Hosz

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Rozalia Hosz is a Polish artist living in Ireland for over 10 years. In 1993 she graduated with a diploma in Textile Art from the National School of Art in Nowy Wiśnicz. This is where she learnt not only the basics of art but also the craft of tapestry making itself.
She worked in the textile industry for many years which included designing and silk painting.
Although she favours crewel as her main material, in addition to that she likes to experiment with other materials in order to enlarge her expression of art.
Her tapestries are mostly recognised for the brave approach to the colour selection and high contrast connections are the main signature of her work.

As she always says,it is the creation process that she enjoys the most, sharing the final artwork with others and the amazing ability to enable others to experience positive and deeply heartfelt emotions.

The exhibition titled "Magical and Mystical Ireland" is her third solo exhibition in this country. We can see her fascination with nature as well as a reference to Irish myths, legends and traditions.

... Waking and dreaming... somewhere in the middle is room for her tapestries...

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