NEWS DAY - The Icon Walk's 'Brendan Behan', Dublin and Minnesota legislature

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Brendan Behan's poster on a Dublin alley wall has a message you might want to send to the Minnesota legislature, or the U.S. Congress: "I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the road safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer." Roads, anyone ? Food stamps ? Heating assistance ? 

TRAVEL TV - Is Temple Bar a lost cause, or has it finally found it's feet ?

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Aga Szot, one of the artists of The Icon Factory, speaks to TRAVEL TV about Temple Bar, The Icon Walk and The Icon Factory.


TEMPLE BAR - The Icon Art Walk

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The back lanes of Temple Bar might not usually be a place to hang out, but now perhaps you should! 

EL MUNDO - Brazilian Blog celebrates "La factoría de los iconos"

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EL MUNDO - Brazilian Blog celebrates "La factoría de los iconos"

Vagando con rumbo incierto por las calles de Dublín, al más puro estilo Leopold Bloom, uno llega sin querer hasta el mural erigido en el nombre de su creador, James Joyce, en los callejones ruinosos y sombríos de Temple Bar. 

(Wandering uncertainly through the streets of Dublin, in true Leopold Bloom style, one accidentally reaches the mural erected in the name of its creator, James Joyce, in the dilapidated and shady alleys of Temple Bar.)


VIDA NA IRLANDA - Conhecendo a Irlanda: The Icon Factory

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VIDA NA IRLANDA - Conhecendo a Irlanda (Knowing Ireland) : The Icon Factory. A great article by Tarsila Krüseo of Brazilian/Irish Blog - VIDA NA IRLANDA

VIDA NA IRLANDA semana passada foi inaugurada na área do Temple Bar uma iniciativa muito bacana chamada The Icon Factory. 

(Last week a very cool initiative called The Icon Factory opened in the Temple Bar area.)

METRO EIREANN article - "Artist co-op seeks to clean up Temple Bar's dingier corners"

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Faye Strawn wrote a great article about The Icon Factoy and The Icon Walk in the Metro Eireann in 2014:  "Artist co-op seeks to clean up Temple Bar's dingier corners" :

THE ICON FACTORY - Award for the best shop front category

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The Icon Factory has been awarded for the best shop front category in 2013.

THE IRISH TIMES - Irish Culture Questionnaire

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The IRISH TIMES asks tourists out and about on the street questions about Irish Culture. "We might like to see Ireland as a cultural beacon, but not all tourists share this view, as Una Mullally, discovers in Temple Bar".

THE ICON WALK Project has transformed the appearance of surrounding laneways in Temple Bar.

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The Irish Independent talk about The Icon Walk project.


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