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Hello all. This is a flashback to our latest artist's opening. On Friday the 13th of March we launched our first exhibition of the year, MONSTRUM by  Sil Elorduy ! Thank you to the artist for sharing her works and to all of you who decided to come and support her and the Icon Project. Silvia's exhibition is currently on display at The Icon Factory. See you soon for others events and take care!  

This is how the artists describe herself:

"My name Silvia, but some people call me Sil. I was born in a city called Algeciras, in the south of Spain. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and moved to Ireland over 6 years ago. Painting was always my favorite thing, but after finishing my Degree I played with photography. I did a few shows and worked with an Italian Art Gallery of Photography. 4 years ago I started to draw. After some time of turbulence in my life, drawing became a therapy, the way to tear those feelings out of me. I still paint, mostly nature & birds, but illustration and drawing gave me peace like no other discipline in art had given me.

Nature has a very important presence in my work. It is where I can find chaos and calm. In the forests, by the sea or in the sky. I am part of it and it unites me with everything around me. Nature can destroy, be frightening but in the end it finds the way to restore itself.
I work from a different dimension that I can find inside myself, where feelings live in the shape of monsters and emotions. Sometimes too big for a human body to retain inside.

Most of these illustrations are colour pencils and I mix them with graphite, inks, markers and gouache.

This might be the most personal exhibition I've done up to date. I hope that you will enjoy at least half of what I enjoyed when I was creating it.

Silvia Gil Guijarro Elorduy"

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Temple Bar, Dublin 2 – Just off Fleet Street (Behind the Temple Bar Hotel, The Hard Rock Cafe and The Morgan Hotel)
Look For – Aston Place, Bedford Lane and Price’s Lane for the Icon Walk.